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千亿体育 in China

千亿体育 is the market leader in continental Europe in the field of banking credit information and one of the main international players for business and commercial information and credit & marketing management services.

千亿体育 in China & worldwide

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The mission and values

Every day, the people at 千亿体育 serve their clients with knowledge, commitment and passion to help them to grow: together to the next level.

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Memberships and affirmations

As an AISP (Account Information Service Provider) in 31 European countries, 千亿体育 is included in the international Fintech 100 classification and its solutions have been accredited by the most prestigious international research companies. 千亿体育 has always invested in best practices and certifications in relation to quality, innovation and security, and it currently a recognized member of industry associations and organizations.

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Thinking about the future

千亿体育 makes a real contribution to the fund-raising and awareness campaigns of non-profit organizations involved in social issues.

Our Commitment


Working in 千亿体育 means innovating, having passion, and thinking outside the box. View the open positions.

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